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Know the new “Flatliners” in the face

In a month breaks out the premiere of “Flatliners” (Flatliners) – new stories from the world of the experiment with clinical death. The film is called a remake of the eponymous film by Joel Schumacher, but then the caste appeared Kiefer Sutherland and said that playing the same character, as in “Flatliners” in 1990.

So what are we ultimately waiting for? A direct continuation? Remake-sequel? Reboot with the Easter eggs in the form of a familiar character, whose name officially so never and not call? And Cthulhu will disassemble them. The main thing is to get a decent movie – and there is at least as call.

Recall synopsis:

A group of medical students decide to penetrate into the mystery of nothingness, in turn introducing each other to a state of clinical death, while the side effects of the experiment did not begin to threaten their lives.

In a Network there was a bundle of posters that introduces us with the main characters of the film. Earlier the same was done by the creators of the series “Very strange case”, the only difference is that those characters we remember and love. “Flatliners” is another story. In the first film, in addition to Sutherland starred Julia Roberts, Kevin bacon and William Baldwin. Posters, second show us how on the verge of life and death are Nina Dobrev (“the vampire Diaries”, “the Last girl”), Ellen page (“Home”, “Lollipop”), Diego Luna (“Rogue-one: Star wars. History”), James Norton (“Vikings”) and kersee Clemons (“Drug”).

In Russia look at the new flatliners, and if you want to compare them with the old’s September 28, 2017.

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