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Kiev Studio showed a trailer of the battle Royal on the Valhall Vikings

Киевская студия показала трейлер королевской битвы о викингах ValhallRelease date is not yet known, but the game already, you can add to your wishlist on Steam.

The company Blackrose Arts began a crowdfunding campaign on the game Valhall. It’s a battle Royale in a Scandinavian setting, where on one map fighting ten squads of the Vikings, five people in each. The authors have released a ten minute demonstration of the gameplay, which explains the main features of Valhall.

In particular, much attention in the video on the combat system. Scrum is focused on a near distance but also bows as long-range weapons. In the video shown axes, swords, spears and shields. In battle the player can attack, block and evade. Any action consumes stamina, and when the parameter decreases to a certain value, the character will move slower. From the arms depend on the techniques that will be able to use the hero.

The developers said that the map is divided into four zones. It will gradually shrink to the center and the edges will collapse under the pressure of gravity. In the demonstration you can see the forest in the winter and spring surroundings, castles, and other locations.

Fundraising Blackrose Arts leads on the site Indiegogo. Valhall release date, even approximate, yet to be announced.

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