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Keep the teaser poster for the new “Hellboy”, and a little Fire water

Three weeks ago we were all surprised by the news that Kinomax “Hellboy” is completely restarted. Without Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman. But thousands — if not millions — of fans stubbornly hoping for the release of the third film from these tough guys. On the other hand the new team Hell boy is also a matter of respect.

The talk in the Internet on this subject were different. The Creator of the character Mike, the Exception is only published to the top, but does not comment on it. Actor Jeffrey Tambor, who starred in “Hero from hell” and “the Golden army”, have hinted that it’s not too cool in relation to Guillermo and Ron. But the Pearlman, in the role of Beast of the Apocalypse in previous films, said the following about his replacement:

David harbour is a good man. I wish him all the best when it comes to restart “Hellboy”.

Well, let’s hope the big guy doesn’t hold a grudge, and he will also have the opportunity to Shine with its outstanding jaw in the frame, since he is constantly involved in the shooting other projects.

Finally, as you know, recently completed 70-th Cannes film festival, and among other things, the event was presented here is a first teaser poster of the future picture “Hellboy: rise of the Bloody Queen”.

But if you continue to grieve about the resignation of Del Toro and Perlman, remembering how could be “Hellboy 3”, here we can only offer you my support, well, the Hell of fiery glass of water to calm.

By the way, we seriously have a whiskey. Called Hellboy Hell Water Cinnamon Whiskey. And like as soon will even be on sale.

So it will brighten up the time until 2018, when Anung UN Rama, the destroyer of the world or if you want just a red guy with shaved horns again reveal himself in the movie.

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