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Journalists brought the dream of Star Wars fans are in reality

Журналисты "воплотили" мечту фанатов Star Wars в реальность The media tried to convey to the world the reality of midichlorians.

Three scientific journal published an article about a fictional life form from the universe of “Star wars”.

She was sent a neuroscientist, the author of the blog Neuroskeptic, to find out how low the bar of journals willing to publish research for a fee.

Obviously, an article about midichlorians before publication no one ever read. Three of the journal – International Journal of Molecular Biology: Open Access Austin Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and the American Research Journal of Biosciences – published it immediately, without pre-payment.

Another, American Journal of Medical and Biological Research has agreed to publish the article after the payment of $360. The absurdity of the situation is noted by the author of the work, that man is fast enough to display the text of the study is to understand that it has no scientific significance and is replete with references to “Star wars”.

Sometimes the author even inserted the dialogue of the characters, such as words about Palpatine Darth Please from “Revenge of the Sith”. And in General, the main part of the text was simply copied from Wikipedia.

Some journals offer the author to amend the text of the article some of the fixes, e.g. fix the “midichlorian” with “mitochondria”. The existence of journals willing to publish obviously fake article undermines the credibility of the concept of the expert evaluation, the author believes.

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