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Italian students found in space the mysterious object

Итальянские школьники нашли в космосе загадочный объект Flash duration was only five minutes.

This finding put specialists in a dead end. At the moment, the discovery failed to classify.

Italian students from Saronno found in the mysterious space object, which is like no other. The discovery occurred during practice, when studying the information from the x-ray Observatory over 15 years of experience.

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The special attention of students and professionals attracted the space object, which is 13 light years from Earth in the cluster NGC 6540. Note that in the quiescent state emission findings is 1025 watts. In 2005 this figure increased more than 40 times.

Flash duration was only five minutes, and after that, all the indices returned to its former state. Experts say that there are several types of objects can emit x-ray radiation. However, the detected object by any of the known not suitable.

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