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Is an environmental disaster in Krasnoyarsk only care about his?

Неужели экологическая катастрофа в Красноярске волнует только Шнурова?

Cords wrote obscene poem about a lengthy, drawn by the smoke a Russian city.

The artist has posted screenshots of messages from subscribers, complained to the environmental situation in Krasnoyarsk. Of some images is visible on the road in a dense haze. “We live in Krasnoyarsk, here in these conditions, we get sick, we’re suffocating,” wrote one of the authors, adding that the government does not hear citizens ‘ complaints.

Something I do not understand
The theme of all uninteresting?
Krasnoyarsk is in smoke,
People write, they say ****** [end] us.
The news is silent. Any of the lines.
No poltrock, even meme.
Supposedly these troubles,
Purely local problem.

Cords lamented the fact that journalists are willing to write about the problem, only if someone dies or if we are talking about the epidemic of coronavirus in China.

The news smaller?
The subject is so — so, weak?
Wait, when you happen to corpses
Then score the alarm.
And that is not very right.
Urgent? Point. Comma.
Can light infection,
Only if from China.

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