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“Norilsk is in itself an environmental disaster”

Accident in Norilsk can only be described as a disaster in the rivers and soil has flowed more than 20 thousand of diesel fuel. But, if you look closely, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and poor environment — the most pressing for residents of the city problem. …

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Experts: after oil disaster, Russia will face the gas

At the end of this year the largest company of Russia “Gazprom” risks becoming unprofitable Network analyst Anatoly nesmiyan believes that the gas crisis, which comes after oil, is in many respects similar to it: “The excess supply in the market with reduced demand, and it is already clear that …

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Disaster in sports — our fault

Does it seem to us all that we pay too much attention to the scandal around the Russian athletes who for four years was included in the stop list international competitions? The cause of the failure and the shame, in my subjective opinion, should be sought not in the subjectivity …

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Expert: Ukraine will not survive a second disaster

Ukrainian political analyst Andriy Yermolayev commented on the policy of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky. According to the expert, the head of the Square there are still six months to a year in order to save the country from imminent disaster. Yermolaev says that the situation is exacerbated by …

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Rehearsal of the disaster in the Gulf

The Middle East looms the shadow of the next great war. It looks like the US is preparing for new large-scale operation in the Persian Gulf. This time against Iran. However, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, while in Sochi on an official visit, assured the world community that the United …

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