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The strangest disaster of the twentieth century. Photo

This is a unique occasions. Times in history there were earthquakes, storms, plane crash and other terrible events that occurred through the fault of nature or man. The survey collected a truly global until the end of unsolved disaster. 1. The Tunguska explosion Russia, 1908In 1908 in the stratosphere over …

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Georgia to help investigate the causes of the disaster MH17

The Georgian side handed over to the Netherlands “Buk”. Forensics, establishing the causes and circumstances of death of passengers of flight MH17, has at its disposal a missile identical to the one that, according to investigators, the plane was shot down over the Donetsk region. Georgia gave the Netherlands a …

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Released a new Russian trailer of the disaster movie GEOSTORM

Vacation at a temperature of -200 degrees?Yes, really it is. There are a few things you can watch endlessly – as the fire burns, as the rolling waves of the sea, and in the next Hollywood blockbuster spread in the trash America and other continents. Disaster movie Dean Devlin’s “Geostorm” …

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3 Russian teleroliki disaster movie GEOSTORM

Continues to spin PR-flywheel blockbuster “Geostorm” (Geostorm) that, in General, is quite logical – the movie is clearly not cheap and the same US premiere preceded by the real natural disaster that had affected them, because he himself is devoted to natural disasters. Recently, a new trailer, and yesterday the …

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The Dnieper river was on the brink of ecological disaster

The river is in danger of becoming a swamp. That the Dnieper river is threatened by a disaster, environmentalists say. It once the main water artery of the country was known as great legends and proizvedenijah classics. Now, every year another problem or even more: marine fish, algae bloom, clumps …

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