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In Ukraine will change the dollar – an expert forecast

Как в Украине изменится курс доллара - прогноз экспертаUntil the end of the year the hryvnia will weaken a little.

Three factors contribute to the strengthening of the hryvnia against the dollar: the political situation in the United States, the seasonal factor and the absence of the head of the NBU. However, in October we can expect a slight decline in the hryvnia, by the end of 2017 the course will be hold in the hallway 27-29 hryvnia/dollar.

This was expressed by the former Deputy Chairman of NBU Alexander Savchenko.

As said financial expert, the dollar is weakening because of the uncertain political situation in the United States, which is associated with the possible resignation of Donald trump. Positively on the course and impact of the seasonal factor, according to Savchenko, in the summer fall of prices of basic consumption goods, inflation decreases and the hryvnia strengthened. This, he says, happens almost every year and ends in September, and this year, obviously, will last until Oct.

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The third factor is the lack of management of the NBU. The national Bank all the time unpleasantly surprised market participants. Now the situation is the status quo. No one is expecting dramatic actions from the NBU. Therefore, the market expects the situation for 2-3 months in advance, which has a positive effect on the hryvnia. Unfortunately, all good ends, and somewhere in October, the trend of increase rate will decrease. Until the end of 2017, the hryvnia devalues. Of course – 27-29 per dollar. It is provided that if there is no exacerbation of the political and military situation, – said Alexander Savchenko.

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