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In Ukraine there is a dangerous new cult

В Украине появилась новая опасная сектаIn Ukraine there was a sect, luring customers with the healing.

In Ukraine there was a sect, whose leaders force their followers to buy the “heal” plastic cards at $600 (about UAH 16200) apiece and take this loans from banks.

There are already statements from victims. So, the inhabitant of Konotop told local police that the sect brought her friend. Convinced that it will help to get rid of health problems — hypertension, heart failure, and consequences of stroke. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“During lectures, they were a cafe and rented apartments, “the leader of the city” (representative of the sect in Konotop) told me about the miraculous power of plastic cards that protect from the harmful radiation of the devices (TV, phone, etc.), improve health and lead to success in life. With the help of hypnosis they put in my head that I need five cards. And dictated the text, how am I supposed to ask money from relatives. During the calls they are told to tell the people”, — told the police the victim.
According to her, on the leaders of the organization through a friend promised to help in registration of credits in different banks. In the office the woman walked with cultists, and there’s no questions she designed the credits.

В Украине появилась новая опасная секта

The organizers invite to the party celebrities. Photo:

The revelation came to the woman, when she for the New year the children came from Kiev. “I have tearfully begged money on the card and repayment of loans. But they took my phone and was not allowed home of the “brothers” and “sisters”. Now they come to me at work, threatened and asked to return,” said a resident of Konotop.
In a press-service of police of Konotop “news” said that while the case of their unit: “the 56-year-old female was treated six months with these cards. They supposedly protect from electromagnetic effects. When I realized that they do not help, turned to us. Criminal proceedings opened under article “Fraud”.

Yachts and clients in Europe

In the Registry of judgments we also have not found any claim affected by the actions of the sect. But in the Internet — hundreds of reviews about the “miraculous” power of the cards. Almost all positive. People make purchased “plastic” to the sick parts of the body. A “result” supposedly begin to feel in a few days. But often it comes across and negative. “Maybe someone these products has helped, I can even imagine who. Those who travel in luxury cars and resting on the shores of the oceans,” wrote Elena from Kiev.

Judging by the reviews, the sect that presents itself as a company that leads its customers to freedom and success, sells its map in all regions of Ukraine, including Kiev. On the official website — lots of pictures from the corporate events that are held at luxury resorts in five-star hotels, on a white yacht, in a huge conference halls and restaurants. Guest stars at parties are well-known artists: Vlad Yama, Olga Polyakova.

However, as I find “News”, the influence of the sect spread to the countries abroad. “I used to print these plastic cards — told us from Kiev Sergey. — The person with whom I worked every week came to me on new expensive car. And their main customers were the residents of Ukraine and Russia, where the main office of the company, and people from the Netherlands, the UK and Germany. Cards printed are all the same, the price depended on packaging — the more beautiful, the more expensive. They were sold at $50-600”.

В Украине появилась новая опасная секта

People pay for the plastic from 500 UAH. Photo:

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