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In Ukraine, a dangerous crabs and piranhas

В Украине появились опасные крабы и пираньиExperts suggested if these sea creatures.

In recent years, Ukrainians have increasingly notice in local rivers, different exotic creatures in our latitudes, by definition, should not be — for example, jellyfish, piranhas and crabs. Journalists have learned where the fresh water came from marine life and what that means.

Jellyfish in the river

Kievlyanin Dmitry told how a few days ago in the bypass channel of the Dnieper near Kiev saw a flock of jellyfish: “I was Very surprised, immediately thought that this is the “passengers” of the ship from the distant seas. But then read that these jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii form) live in rivers around the world. This size was with a large button, but they say that in their homeland, in South America, they reach 20 cm in diameter.”

The head of the Association of fishermen of Ukraine Alexander Chistyakov said that jellyfish divorced in Ukrainian reservoirs, because of their saltiness reservoirs are becoming more similar to marine estuaries. “Today, the Dnieper is in a state of clinical death. It was blocked by dams, created a cascade of reservoirs, was killed for. Eight species of fish disappeared. Due to salinity, increased saltiness in Kakhovka, Kremenchug reservoirs now massively meets the fish-needle, jellyfish and nearly two dozen unusual for our latitude of species,” — said the “Vesti” Chistyakov. According to him, in the spring of jellyfish larvae destroy valuable industrial species — bream, carp, roach, for which the estuary is a natural breeding ground.

В Украине появились опасные крабы и пираньи

Fishermen often catch a piranha

Piranhas and crabs

Three piranhas with a length of about 10 cm was caught by recreational anglers in the Dobrotvir reservoir on the Western bug river in the Lviv region. Head of the Department of water bioresources and aquaculture Dnipropetrovsk agrarian-economic University Roman Nowicki told us that a similar threat was the catch from the fishermen and in Kirovograd, Kherson and Zakarpattia. “There’s anglers have discovered a subspecies of piranha PACU, which is found in the basins of the rivers Amazon and Orinoco. Its length is 1 meter, can weigh up to 40 kg,” says the ichthyologist. And in the Dnieper-bug estuary (Mykolaiv region) settled down mohnatyj Chinese and Dutch crabs.

“Chinese — digger, even digging in hydraulic structures (e.g. dams), which is very dangerous,” says Novitsky.

Where immigrants

Experts say that in our rivers “aliens” come from ballast water and on the bottoms of cargo ships from the seas and oceans of the world. Some types were released by aquarists. For example, the same piranhas, a sunfish (aggressive fish from North America), ancistrus and plecostomus (small catfish). They played and splashed in the river. They adapted and displace native species of fish, take away food, eat caviar carp, bream, carp. “It’s bioterrorism,” — said Novitsky. According to Chistyakov, the speed of propagation of “invaders” — 60 km year: “Where there is a Sunny perch for three or four years, from 16 species of natives is three”.

For “beneath the water”, the struggle is not only in rivers but also in the Black sea. Pacific brine, imported from Japan, destroy our mussels and oysters. Also in the Black sea Mnemiopsis leidyi penetrated the dwelling in the seas of warm countries, and resembling jellyfish, which won the lion’s share of the forage base for fish and destroys their eggs. The most injured party was the Hamsa is one of the main industrial fishes of the Black sea: its population declined sharply.

В Украине появились опасные крабы и пираньи

Freshwater jellyfish

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