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In Turkey, stuck Ukrainian tourists.

В Турции застряли украинские туристы.Tourists have to fly in the evening.

Tourists who are stuck in Antalya in the evening of Tuesday, July 10, should fly to Kiev today, July 11, at 17.30.

“According on the airline flight will execute the company’s Board Anda A320 at 17.30. The tourists were taken to the hotel in Antalya, food is offered to them. Other export now”, – said PR-Manager of the travel company Join Up! Ekaterina Reznichenko.

According to her, the flight was supposed to depart in 2 hours of the night. Until that time, all the tourists were left at the airport.

Ukrainians themselves said that at first they were given boarding passes for the airline flight SkyUp, but then they changed to Anda Air.

The scoreboard flashed that the flight was to depart at 5.30 am, then at 8 o’clock in the morning. “We offered to families with children and elderly people to stay at the hotel, but the tourists refused to leave. Our representative was at the airport at 3am and arrived at 8.30 am. Tourists fed,” said the company Join Up!.

The causes of flight delays – mechanical problems with the plane.

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