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In the US for a few hours disappeared a large lake

В США за считанные часы исчезло большое озероIn Pennsylvania, 48 hours disappeared in a lake

Many U.S. residents began to notice strange changes in water level on opposite coasts. The researchers took video of many of the above natural anomalies. Such incidents scientists explained virascivanie hurricanes.

In early October I filmed an incredible phenomenon, as the huge Mississippi river mysteriously dried up. The locals are worried, but scientists reassured them, saying that the reason for this is the usual drought. But if you look at photos of the past years, we can see that this has never been observed. There is speculation that perhaps the giant pond follows a geological fault new Madrid.

But a few days ago in Pennsylvania, a local resident took a photo of a huge lake that disappeared Sha 48 hours. This incident scientists have been unable to explain, because the above reservoir is located away from geological faults.

Some Americans believe that the water was abducted by aliens or lake has flowed into the cavity from abandoned mines.

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