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In the river on a memorable campaign, the Communist staged obscene scandal

В Днепре на памятной акции коммунист устроил матерный скандал The kicker is threatened admindatabase.

Today, October 28, in the river, the police arrested one of the members of the “Union of Communists (Bolsheviks)”, which was laid flowers to the monument to General Pushkin.

Militiamen detained the offender for the violation of public order. In particular, the man allowed himself obscene abuse in the address of the activist of the public organization “Maidan Sicheslav – Dnepr” Veronica Commissioner.

The man started to insult the girl when the action has already ended.

At this point, activists of the public organization “Maidan Sicheslav – Dnepr” came to the participants of the laying to offer them to take the state symbols – blue-yellow ribbons.

After detention the man tried to apologize, but an activist of his apology was not accepted and stated its intention to apply to the police.

According to police, the offender faces administrative punishment.

Only in the river at the monument to General Pushkin gathered about 20 people. According to them, the 73-th anniversary of liberation from German occupation they wanted to lay flowers and to “honor the memory of the grandfathers.”

Earlier in the river three guys that have just become adults, attacked with a knife at the man.

We will remind, NACP wants to sue the chief Communist Symonenko of Ukraine for violation of party funding.

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