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In Sweden invented a new kind of milk

В Швеции изобрели новый вид молокаThe Swedish scholar Eva Thornberg created potato milk, which can be the basis for vegan products.

According to the report of the University of Lund, the product was tested in the laboratory and the factory, and it is hoped that he can get in stores next year.

The Gринцип cooking the product is heated to a certain way of protein and starch, the mixing with omega 3 rich canola oil. The result is “emulsion”, which, for example, is also milk. Food also does not contain allergens.

Eva Thornberg believes the main advantage of potato milk neutral taste and full of omega-3.

The product can be manufactured and sold as alternatives to milk, yogurts, ice cream and cream. In the first stage, Eva Thornberg plans to prepare the cocktail, mix the emulsion with applesauce and fruit.

“The idea is that it should be a good and nutritious snack,” she says.

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