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In Poland, three thugs brutally beat Ukrainian teen

В Польше трое молодчиков жестоко избили украинского подросткаIn another Polish city group of poles, has beaten three other Ukrainians.

In the Polish city of Nowa Huta, three men beat 17-year-old Ukrainian who along with his friend, a local resident, was playing basketball in the stadium, citing the police according to the Polish media.

According to preliminary reports, a stranger approached the children and began to molest Ukrainian, his friend tried to intercede for him, but the attackers pushed the young man, and one of them hit him.

After that, the men broke down from a neighboring fence, wooden sticks, some of them were nails, and began to beat the Ukrainian, then took his ball and ran away.

Beating people seen by the passerby who called the police. Law enforcement officers in a few minutes arrested three of the attackers, and the court decided to send them under custody for 3 months.

As noted, 20-year-old detainee accused of insulting a man for his nationality, violation of privacy and battery. The other two bandits charged in the beating. Cyber criminals threatens till 8 years of imprisonment.

Another similar case occurred in Czestochowa, where three thugs were beaten and insulted three Ukrainians, writes “Polish radio”.

“A group of three Ukrainians attacked three poles who behaved aggressively, was beaten injured all over the body and called them”, – stated in the message.

As found by the investigators, the reason for the attack was the nationality of citizens of Ukraine.

Now the detained attackers, who from 22 to 28 years, accused of beating and humiliation on a national basis. The men were arrested for 3 months.

According to the publication, the attackers was not the first to fall into the view of militiamen.

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