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WATCH Russian forces destroy US-made armor

Russia’s Defense Ministry has published a video clip from the front line with Ukraine showing the destruction of an Abrams M1 tank and a Bradley fighting vehicle, armaments supplied to Kiev by Washington. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The American-made hardware was struck by Russian FPV-drones and artillery, the ministry said on Saturday. The Abrams tank was rendered inoperable by a Krasnopol guided artillery shell, it added.

The footage, uploaded on the ministry’s Telegram channel, appears to show the moment the American-made tank was struck, Ukrainian troops fleeing the damaged armor and the Abrams being finished off by explosive-laden UAVs.

It also included images of a huge cloud of smoke coming out of the Bradley after being hit by Russian forces. The vehicle then tries to flee the scene, but the driver apparently loses control, crashing into trees.

”We were striking, we’re striking and we’ll keep striking,” the ministry vowed in a caption attached to the video, apparently referring to military equipment that Ukraine has received from the US and other Western backers.

The ministry has provided no details on where or when the video was recorded. However, several Telegram channels had earlier claimed that the US hardware had been blown up near Avdeevka, in Russia’s Donetsk People’s Republic. Moscow’s forces captured the strategic town back in February after a lengthy battle.

According to reports, the Bradley was hit during a failed attempt to assist the burning Abrams.

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An Abrams tank and a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle are among dozens of exhibits at the display of Western-supplied hardware captured in Ukraine, which opened in Moscow on Wednesday.

”No Western military equipment will change the situation on the battlefield. The enemy will be defeated. Our victory is inevitable,” the Russian Defense Ministry said as it promoted the exhibition.

Russia has repeatedly warned that the supply of arms, the sharing of intelligence, and the training of Ukrainian troops has made the US and its allies de-facto parties to the conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

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