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In Overwatch expected major changes

В Overwatch ожидаются серьезные измененияThe developers plan to change the main ability of an angel.

Angel’s ability in Overwatch to resurrect several characters have made her one of the most annoying characters in the game, so Blizzard listened to the opinion of the audience and changed her skills. To return from the dead is now only one ally every 30 seconds, and the absolute ability increases all the skills of an angel for some time.

But something went wrong — now the character can be found almost in every team, and those who have-angel no risk to lose. So developers are forced to make changes first on test servers, and then in the regular version of the shooter.

Now, when the angel activates absolute ability, it can instantly revive a teammate, even if the timer didn’t allow her to do it. In addition, instead of 30 seconds it should wait only 10 seconds. On the test server the same is not happening neither. All the other gain the angel continues, including more rapid treatment of allies and the ability to fly without restrictions.

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As reported on the forum, a representative of Blizzard, these innovations will appear in a shooter a very long time to expect them with the Halloween patch, which will be released on all platforms on October 10, just not worth it. By the way, recently the developers have posted a teaser of the upcoming seasonal events, although many of its details still remain secret.

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