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In Nikolaev the thieves left without dinner cats

В Николаеве воры оставили без обеда котов The thieves did not hesitate to pick up a pot of porridge for the cats.

In a family hostel, located on Sevastopolskaya street, 65, was robbed.

This was told by the victim’s attackers.

The thieves entered through the front door, without even damaging the lock. They went into the kitchen and shamelessly took away the dishes, standing on a plate at the tenants, thus enriched by three pans and two pots, one of them was a porridge prepared for cats.

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On the way back, the thieves picked up from the corridor running shoes. Tenants to the police was not sought.

Interestingly, exactly a year ago, thieves have carried these same occupants of the dishes, except last time, they did not hesitate to pick up a frying pan with legs.

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