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In Nikolaev Skoda hit a teenage girl

В Николаеве Skoda сбила девочку-подросткаThe girl ran into the road.

Last night, March 7, at the intersection of streets Big Sea and the Garden there was a road accident – car “Skoda” was hit by a teenage girl. This is a social network Facebook wrote the witness of road accident Elena Kabashnaya.

According to an eyewitness, about 3 meters to the approaching car, the girl ran into the road, in the headlights, she was not very visible, so the driver of the vehicle “Skoda” did not have time to react and caught the girl by the right wing of the car.

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“We stopped when we crossed the second Garden, in front of the store Fireworks. Driving solidarity. In addition, I realized that the girl was in the game “die!” When I got there, there were about 5 teenagers, in black, from 10 to 14 years. Behaved strangely”, — wrote Kabashnaya.

The injured girl from the accident scene were taken away by the ambulance, patrol police find out all circumstances of incident. In addition, the inhabitant of Nikolaev believes it is not a coincidence but a result of the influence of certain groups in social networks.

“What the hell are kids hanging around the streets in the dark? How much can you tolerate this mess? In Europe, children are not allowed on the street unaccompanied. People! It was from girls explicit deadly kidok! I will never believe in a different version. Clearly, she defiantly threw herself under a car,” noted Kabashnaya.

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