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In Mexico have unearthed a unique artifact

В Мексике откопали уникальнейший артефактIn Mexico have unearthed an ancient Palace of an unknown civilization

Discovered in the Mexican valley of Oaxaca, the Palace complex of unknown civilization was the oldest in Mesoamerica.

The results of the study at a meeting of the National Academy of Sciences announced the archaeologists Elsa Redmond and Charles Spencer of the American Museum of natural history in new York. The find was made in southern Mexico in Palenque, a place rich in ancient artifacts.

Dating radiocarbon Dating showed that the age of the facilities ranges from 2100 to 2300 years. It makes the Palace was found the oldest known in Mesoamerica. It was built by an unknown civilization, long before the advent of the Aztecs. The property is 2790 square feet.

In addition to the residence of the ruler, it contained the working and living quarters for servants and guests, as well as a patio for meetings, ritual ceremonies and sacrifices. This is evidenced by the fragments of human skulls. The complex was equipped with a drainage system and devices for collecting rainwater.

According to archaeologists, to build such a Grand structure was only a mighty and advanced civilization.

Maybe the Palace was the administrative center of the first major States of Mesoamerica. By the way, the tomb of the complex is not found. Scientists suggest that the ruler was buried somewhere outside the city.

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