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In kindergarten Kiev children “picked up” by the Coxsackie virus

В детском саду Киева дети «подхватили» вирус КоксакиVirus eight children.

In the Metropolitan kindergarten №62 “zernyatko” Dnipro district parents of children discovered the Coxsackie virus.

Reporters contacted the child’s mother Lyudmila, who said that the moment was ill for 8 children aged 5 to 6 years, including her son.

“Before we have diagnosed Streptoderma, but as it turned out the testimony of the parents and my son’s symptoms is Coxsackie. Children who had previously sick, do not go to kindergarten, and their parents, informed educators about the problem. Kindergarten does not react, quarantine is also not” – said Lyudmila.

According to her, the doctors said that the child has all the signs of the Coxsackie virus: a distinct rash and a high temperature. Other parents the situation is the same, all sick and do not go anywhere. Now Lyudmila is waiting for official confirmation of the virus and the results of the analysis.

В детском саду Киева дети «подхватили» вирус Коксаки

After talking to TSN.ia with the clerk and a temporary acting head of the preschool Marina Anatolyevna, the management of the kindergarten decided to arrange an evening meeting.

“Yesterday, 18 hours of the meeting in the garden was. What was said I don’t know, because I am a child home alone, husband working late was. We house sat waiting for the doctor,” – said Lyudmila.

However, acting head refused to comment on the situation in kindergarten and hung up.

“I’m talking about meeting don’t know. All the issues through the Department of education,” said Marina Anatolievna.

When it appeared the virus is unknown, but approximately last week. While the other kids slowly recover. Parents say that probably someone in Turkey flew and brought the virus.

The nurse of the kindergarten told TSN.ia that there is no evidence of disease Coxsackie virus is not all as a rumor.

В детском саду Киева дети «подхватили» вирус Коксаки

“Nobody didn’t tell us anything. If children get sick, they just stay at home. Rashes and other things we personally have not seen. They all say, but we all perceive as the rumors, because no reference we have not seen. Also, there were no reports neither from the hospital nor the doctors,” said the nurse.

Meanwhile, in the Dnieper district administration of Kiev nothing about the disease do not know, and from preschools they had not been contacted.

“Nothing about it heard. No sanitation center, no medical institution no one reported”, – said the chief specialist Nadezhda Kovalenko.

The district administration also noted that to determine who is suffering from what is difficult, because of the reference to the institution do not bring, but 8 children is considered a group disease.

“See what question we have, because they all go without references and no one owes nothing. In fact, to find out where and how a sick child is very difficult. When we contacted the health Department about the fact that the long-term the child attends preschool, about 75 days, they told us “we have no right to take notice”. Info for now that there children have some kind of disease we have. If it was, we would have to know, because it is considered a group a disease,” says Kovalenko.

According to her, if the administration called the Department of health or the sanitary station and was told to impose a quarantine, of course, would have done it, but cases were not.

Nadezhda Kovalenko promised during the day to contact the preschool, sanitation center and health Management and to clarify the situation.

We will remind, in Turkey, the child had contracted the Coxsackie virus. Despite the fact that this information was repeatedly denied in the Directorate of culture and tourism of Antalya, Ukrainians continue to face a virus that spreads very rapidly.

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