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In Kiev were seen the “aliens” watching the Ukrainians

В Киеве видели "инопланетян", наблюдавших за украинцамиMost unidentified flying objects were seen in the Central and Eastern regions of the country.

This is evidenced by official data of Ukrainian UFO club.

So, on the territory of Kiev and surrounding towns for the past year had seen five UFOs. According to witnesses, they observed the glowing objects of different shapes: spherical, rays, constellations and so on. Some of them believe that they saw several unidentified flying objects: from two to twenty ships of the aliens.

“In broad daylight (13:28) on the sky adorned with the sickle of a new moon. After five minutes of admiring companion decided to photograph him so as to check whether you take the camera. Took two pics in a row within a couple of seconds. To check immediately came out from behind the Sun servicepackage the phone display. At home on the second of made frames found this anomaly on the ground it was not observed. Held in the following days a lot of experiments. In the same place under the same weather conditions on the same apparatus was taking pictures of birds, aircraft, balloons, bubbles, water spray, grit, etc. or anything similar never happened. Spent a few empirically calculus (no wonder, I was young photogrammetry studied) the result was that the bulb or probe is doubtful. They’d make the photo much more efficiently,” — said one of the witnesses of UFOs, “flying” over the Kiev oblast on 8 June 2016.

В Киеве видели "инопланетян", наблюдавших за украинцами

While most, according to earlier reports, a UFO was noticed in the centre of the capital: in Solomenskiy, Shevchenko and caves areas. On the Left Bank, often “saucer” seen in the Dnieper area.

В Киеве видели "инопланетян", наблюдавших за украинцами

At the same time, in Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions over the past year, the Ukrainians noticed one UFO. Some of them Ukrainians managed to capture on camera.

В Киеве видели "инопланетян", наблюдавших за украинцами

Should clarify, this year marks the 70th anniversary of “the incident with the UFO in Roswell” in the United States. According to ufologists, then, in July of 1947, a crashed unidentified flying object.

Note the last 70 years, the number of people observed UFOs increased hundreds of times. If 1947, this figure hovered around 49-50 times, in 2015 reached 8 621 times. After that there was a decline, because in 2016 was seen 5 530 “flying saucers.”

As of March 23, 2017, the number of reports of “flying spheres” is 810 times.

В Киеве видели "инопланетян", наблюдавших за украинцами

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