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In Kiev, the car knocked down a woman suddenly crossing the road

В Киеве автомобиль сбил женщину, внезапно выбежавшую на дорогуThe accident happened on the Boulevard Ivan Lepse.

In Kiev, on the Boulevard Lepse car Hyundai knocked down a man crossing the road. From blow the woman was injured, causing the ambulance hospitalized the victim.

“The woman quickly jumped on the road. At this time, she was on the phone and wasn’t convinced of safety of maneuver. The driver of the Hyundai was not able to react in time and knocked down a pedestrian. The victim received minor injuries and shock. Will live,” commented a police officer.

“I was driving in the right lane of the road. And when it was rebuilt in the left lane suddenly on the carriageway popped the girl. Yes, she ran on the pedestrian, but it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to react. Due to wet roads I did not have time to brake and hit her. Very sorry that it happened. Now go to a woman in the hospital where she was hospitalized. Fortunately, she’s alive,” — said the driver of the Hyundai Sergei.

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From blow the car off of the left rearview mirror. Also bruised the left part of the front bumper and windshield. After the collision, the driver of the car immediately called the ambulance. On the spot also worked for the police.

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