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Why is Russia suddenly woke up hope?

Sociologists have revealed an unexpected fact — the number of people who count, that the coming year will be better than ever, breaking all records for 30 years. Coming 2020 is already making a bid to enter the Russian history as “the year of the outbreak of hope”. In any …

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In Kiev, near the metro suddenly flooded roadway. Video

In the video you can see how the cars “float” on a flooded road. On troyeschina in the capital near the metro station “Chernihiv” flooded roadway. Cars literally “go with the flow”. The corresponding video published “Kiev Operational”. “Who’s there wanted to go to sea in may, but not in …

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From the list of exchange of prisoners suddenly eliminated 9 people

Lawyers said about the problems. Lawyers for some of the prisoners included in the exchange lists, complaining that they are not prepared to share today. Thus, the lawyer Valentin Rybin said Irina Gerashchenko, contrary to the agreements allegedly confiscated from the already existing and ready to exchange individuals, those who …

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Suddenly these popular drugs increase the pressure

Need to know it. Soluble aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen, which take millions of people, can cause heart attacks, strokes and even premature death. All because they contain so much salt, showed a large-scale study. Scientists at University College London and the University of Dundee analyzed 1 290 000 histories stored …

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In India, the infant presumed dead, suddenly came to life

The incident occurred before the cremation. The parents of two twins who doctors declared dead, just before the cremation was discovered that one child alive. Doctors of Max Hospital medical center announced that one of the twins was born dead, and the second must be connected to the ventilator. Parents …

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Suddenly gone from the life of a Ukrainian journalist

Colleagues write memoirs about working together November 24, on Friday it became known about the sudden death of a famous Ukrainian journalist and producer Mary Adamski. The tragedy said colleagues Adamski on her page in Facebook. Mary Adamski was a clot. The journalist was only 45 years old. “It’s impossible …

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