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In Kiev on the streets will provide veterans of the ATO

В Киеве порядок на улицах обеспечат ветераны АТОFormer military will help the police will be caught in violation of Parking rules and drinking alcohol.

To keep order in Kiev, the capital police will help ex-military. The other day, about 200 soldiers as part of the new public formation for the protection of the rule of law “Municipal guard”, was released on patrolling the city, along with units of the national police of Ukraine.

According to Vladimir Bondarenko, the chief of staff of the KSCA, the new formation will not replace the police, but will help the police to fight crime in the capital. “Safety on the streets — this is our common cause”, — said Bondarenko.

“Municipal guard” there are only four days and while I was involved for policing in the centre of Kiev during mass events, but in the future, “the sentinel” plan to patrol all areas of the capital. “We act solely as assistants to the police. Patrols will consist of three guards and one police officer. Our guys can use batons, handcuffs and non-lethal weapons, but not firearms. Violators we have no right to detain, but to neutralize and to pass into the hands of the police”, — told the “Today” Anton Kolumbet, Deputy head of the Kiev Union of veterans of the ATO.

To identify “combatants” may be a yellow-blue armband with the words “Protection order”. “Now the guys patrol the streets in plain clothes, but we are thinking about a specialform, for example, it can be a light brown color. Regarding funding, all while volunteer, and no money for patrolling the streets do not. In the future we do not exclude the fact that our community groups will be able to bring on a high level. In fact, we are currently testing the concept of a municipal police force to deal with minor offences on the streets of the city, for example, violators of Parking rules, drinking of alcoholic beverages in public places,” explains Kolumbet.

Law enforcement authorities to the emergence of “Municipal guards” are positive. “If it will help reduce the crime situation in the city, then this is definitely a positive, but to talk about something specific before,” — told us the police patrol.

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