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US ready to provide military support to new NATO hopefuls

The United States is prepared, if needed, to provide Sweden and Finland with military support as these countries await NATO’s response to their membership applications, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has said. On Sunday both Finland and Sweden formally announced their intention to join NATO, despite multiple warnings from Russia. Moscow, …

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America is deluding itself if it thinks Vietnam will provide it with missile bases, or help it at all, in any conflict with China

Despite their shared ideology, anti-imperialist worldview, and Mao’s historical support for North Vietnam in its long struggle against the United States between 1955 and 1975, China and Vietnam aren’t allies. In fact, the longstanding enmity between the two countries is huge.  For thousands of years, Vietnam has perceived Beijing as …

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Maxine Waters’ ‘insurrection’ calls provide more proof that race-baiters ripping America apart don’t deserve to be taken seriously

Likewise, the Democrat “leaders” and media propagandists who will, as usual, ignore or excuse Waters’ incitement to violence are reminding us that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. All of their talk about racism, criminal justice, policing, white supremacy and the like is just blather. It’s disingenuous, manipulative and dishonest. America’s …

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