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In Kiev drunk man threatened children with a knife

В Киеве пьяный мужчина угрожал детям ножомTwo hours, police persuaded the man to open the door and give to bring his wife and children

In Kiev, a drunken man with a knife ran around the apartment for their children.

This was reported by the neighbor men. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the woman, six months ago there was an incident in the same family: the drunken man was thrown from the third floor window all the things his wife: the clothes and shoes, documents, jewelry, plasma TV, slow cooker, bed linen, a suitcase, a vase with flowers – all that was bought with her money or given to her.

“I came to posobirat surviving things and cried under the window, not daring to go upstairs, wife. Came and left without entering into the entrance of the police,” said a neighbor.

After a couple of days the couple reconciled and continued raising three children (small child, two children from the first marriage of a man).

“Today, at five in the morning, waking up to the noise upstairs, the sound of blows, women scream, kids scream, male Mat. Call the police arrived in three minutes together with the “emergency” – as it turned out, they had called the mother and brother of men who worry about the lives of women and children.

Two hours, police persuaded the man to open the door and give to bring his wife and children – despite the fact that the wife in the background screaming: “Help!” and “don’t go!”. The man was trying to be adequate, spoke to police teeth, demanded that they came to him with the summons, was threatened with his lawyer. In the end, after two hours the door opened, it turned out that he was drunk and chasing children with a knife, scared them half to death, the eldest five year old daughter is bad and should go to the hospital. All the family except the husband, got into a police car and left”, – told the eyewitness of events.

According to her, the cause of the incident was left in the apartment to drink alcohol, occasionally going out to smoke and cuddle with my mom and brother.

“The police are skeptical noticed that the wife, most likely, the application either will not write, either pick,” added the neighbor.

She also noted that the family provided, the children were always smartly dressed, woman, young, beautiful, slim and always in makeup and heels.

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