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In Kiev, a scandal erupted around the excavations at the Postal square

В Киеве разразился скандал вокруг раскопок на Почтовой площадиMoney for archaeological work there for four months.

On the international day of monuments and historical places in the capital, the scandal around the excavation at the construction site of the shopping center at the Postal square, where two years ago found an ancient street and buildings of Kievan Rus. Archaeologists, according to them, four months are not paid and the month is not carried out excavations.

REASONS. As it turned out, the reasons for visiting the archaeological site several. “With the new year investor of the construction, which by law should Finance the work of archaeologists, funds are not available. Because we are forced to suspend work. That and the fact that the facility is under construction, and excavations are covered by a large layer of dust and filled with garbage, there flows water that can destroy valuable finds on the object, and there is an open layer of the TWELFTH century, where there are valuable wooden buildings of the manor complex and handicraft production, which is necessary to explore” — says “Today” Deputy Director of the Center of archaeology of Kiev Yuriy Kuharchuk.

According to archaeologists, the investor of the construction at the end of last year banned the conduct excavations below a certain level, because that is where he planned to put the stove. Your ban they justify the fact that if the site to conduct deeper, you can occur the landslide and the concrete structure will not stand. “The fact is that the level where they want to put the plate, coincides with the TWELFTH century. Because cultural stratum XI and X century to explore until we can’t. But this is a very valuable layers. To fully study them, you need about two years” — said Kuharchuk.

By the way, the Post discovered many valuable artifacts. “Among the finds: ceramic, almost 200 coins, seals, glass bangles, Smoking pipes, lead bullets, buttons and arrows. And a lot of crosses,” — said the head of the excavation Maxim Vakulyuk.

MUSEUM. The issue of creating a Museum of ancient streets, where he planned to put objects in their authentic form, is also still open. “The investor has proposed to allocate for the Museum only 100 square meters but to create a full-fledged display, you need at least 1000 sq ft (the total area of the shopping center — more than 7 thousand square — Ed.). This area needed to preserve and show an ancient street fortifications and other buildings found,” — said Kuharchuk.

В Киеве разразился скандал вокруг раскопок на Почтовой площади

POWER. In the mayor’s office down. “We are doing everything to save the quarter of ancient Kiev. From the city budget allocated 27 million UAH for research, conservation and museumification. But archaeologists must comply with their obligations, that is to provide the concept development of the Museum, and this is not. As for the investor, he has debt of about 300 thousand UAH, but he is willing to pay and to continue funding the excavations as soon as I receive from the archaeologists ‘ report on the work done,” explained Diana Popova, Director of the Department of culture of the KSCA. Contact with the developer yesterday failed.

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