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In Karabanovo one third of residents protesting against the Moscow garbage. The authorities put pressure on them.

В Карабаново треть горожан протестует против московского мусора. Власти давят на них.

In Karabanovo one third of residents protesting against the Moscow garbage. The authorities put pressure on them through the Directors of schools and businesses


In the city Karabanovo Alexander district of Vladimir region is brewing a protest against the “waste” reform. Citizens unite in an attempt to prevent the transportation of waste from Moscow to Karabanovo. And the government is trying to crush the protest using the administration of schools and enterprises, which employ activists.


Wednesday karabanovskiy DK hosted a meeting of representatives of regional and city authorities and city dwellers. This is the first meeting of officials with citizens since the beginning of protests against the construction of a waste sorting station in the city. On Sunday before a building of city administration was the largest rally in the modern history of the city. Came to the area more than three thousand people – about one third of the adult population of the city, write “Open media”.

Wednesday in DC were about three hundred people, the hall would not accommodate all comers. Communication between citizens and officials were held in tense atmosphere: people stomped their feet, chanted and heckled government representatives.


The head of the administration Vasily Novikov had not answered the questions of residents regarding the construction of waste sorting plant and not left to the people during the Sunday rally, but at a meeting in DC came. “No work on the construction of a waste sorting station or waste management not planned”, – he assured. – Now the regional construction Department is preparing a revised scheme of territorial planning of the Vladimir region”.


Officials also promised to preserve and restore the local landmark, the old city, the arch of the end of the XIX century. It began to dismantle in the early fall. As suggested by local residents, low arch prevented the passage of construction equipment for the future waste sorting station.


Activists before the meeting in DC said that they started the pressure. “I called several people and told that the school my children collect references, – complains a resident of the city, mother Maria Antonova. – Supposedly digs the head of the regional Department of education. Evidence, of course not, but we do know that teachers in the school were interviewed”.

Simultaneously with the meeting residents and officials of the district Directorate of education appointed the universal parent meeting. According to activists, this is done intentionally to “pull” people to other events and to break up the protest.

Began pressure on employers unhappy citizens. “There were phone calls to my employer asking somehow my attention, – the activist told Maxim Vylegzhanin. But I work in Moscow, and the employer I was decent, so all ended well. But I know many people who work here, and they are administratively very much under pressure”.



The townspeople know about the intention of the authorities to build within the city waste sorting station in October from the publication in the local media. Soon, activists emerged documentary evidence of such plans: the acts issued by the Vladimir officials. They found that even in 2016, according to the scheme of waste management on the territory of Vladimir region is planned to build a waste sorting station Aleksandrov-2 near the village of Mashkovo – there is already a old landfill, where they go including waste from Moscow.


However, according to published this year the project “changes in the scheme of territorial planning of the Vladimir region”, this station was on the territory Karabanovo. And to build it needs in the next 2020, and the capacity of the plant will be 25 thousand tons of garbage a year.

Moreover, according to the approved this year by local officials to the rules of land use and development, part of the land in Karabanovo was transferred to the status of industrial zones I-III hazard class. If we are talking about waste, it is the most highly toxic substances (devices with mercury, petroleum products, etc.).


Regional operator for garbage collection in the Alexander district of Vladimir region from December 1, becoming the company “Charter” Igor Chaika, the son of Prosecutor General of Russia. The company this year won the tender for the service territories of the region for 9 years totaling over $ 3 billion.


Residents believe that the Charter lobbied for the construction of a waste sorting station.

At Sunday’s rally the townspeople put forward several demands: cancel the construction of any facilities associated with the disposal and recycling of garbage around the city, to completely change the Board of deputies and the leadership of the city and also to hold a referendum on banning the construction of such facilities in the future.


Just Karabanovo has less than 15 thousand people, they all know each other and United. Karabanovo – monocity, since the late nineteenth century to the beginning of “zero” was working there weaving factory. After its closure the majority of residents have to travel to work in Moscow.


“We’ve got nothing but clean air. And now it wants to take,” says activist Nadezhda Ionova.


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