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Judge rules on protesting by honking

A judge in Ottawa has issued a 10-day injunction order for some parts of the Canadian capital, which requires truckers not to use their horns as an act of protest. This will not infringe on their right to protest against mandatory vaccination against Covid-19, Justice Hugh McLean decided. “Tooting a …

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Elon Musk slams GoFundMe over protesting truckers

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted a meme on Saturday, calling US-based fundraising platform GoFundMe “professional thieves.” Musk also posted a screenshot of the platform’s 2020 tweet promoting a campaign to raise money for farming inside the ‘CHOP’ zone (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) in downtown Seattle, Washington, which was …

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‘P**s off you brats’: Rose McGowan blasts ‘fake activism’ of Netflix staff protesting Dave Chappelle’s ‘transphobic’ special

“I hear your feelings got hurt by Dave Chappelle,” McGowan tweeted, in a mocking message to Netflix employees and supporters who participated in Wednesday’s walkout demonstration, adding: “P**s off you brats.” Ahead of the protest, organizers called on Netflix to “do better” and claimed that Chappelle’s special, titled ‘The Closer’, “harms …

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‘Is she joking?’: Sarah Silverman ridiculed for protesting against ‘Jewface’ in Hollywood despite previously wearing blackface

During an episode of her self-titled podcast on Thursday, Silverman complained that there was a “long tradition of non-Jews playing Jews,” which she called “Jewface.” She cited recent examples including Kathryn Hahn playing the late television host and comedian Joan Rivers in ‘The Comeback Girl’, and Felicity Jones playing late …

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