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In Indonesia, scientists have found a natural “black box”

В Индонезии ученые нашли природный "черный ящик"A sea cave discovered 5,000-year-old testimony of a tsunami.

In Indonesia near the town of Banda Aceh affected in 2004 by a devastating tsunami, scientists have found “black box” which recorded the history of natural disasters over 5000 years.

An L-shaped cave, which was formed due to wave activity in the waters, you’ll have the Sumatran coast. Remarkable about this finding is the fact that the cave preserved the first traces of ancient tsunamis. A snapshot of the destructive natural phenomena is a strata of sand and debris. According to the results of natural “snapshot”, scientists were able to determine that at the expiration of one global cataclysm and the beginning of another is the long lull. That is, after the shift in the tectonic plates and the consequences of this can take hundreds of years.

Using radiovolny analysis, the researchers determined that in the entire history of this place occurred about 11 serious tsunami.

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