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In Germany discovered the oldest printed version of the Bible

В Германии обнаружилась старейшая печатная версия БиблииThe book was printed in the 15th century.

In the library of Augsburg (Germany) found a fragment of the Bible, which was released by German printing pioneer Johann Gutenberg in the first half of the 1450-ies.

Page of the Bible, which is considered the starting point of printing, for centuries, used as the cover for another book.

So far, scientists have not figured out when and by whom the Gutenberg Bible was divided into separate pages.

To date remained less than 50 of the 180 copies of this Bible, issued by Gutenberg. Each of them is worth several million euros.

HELP. Johann Gutenberg — German printer. In the mid-1440-ies created the method of the book “movable” letters, which had a huge impact not only on European culture but also on world history. The invention of Gutenberg was, what he made of metal “moving” convex letters carved in reverse (mirror image), they were recruited from the string and using a special press were stamped on paper. In 1450-ies he cast at least five different fonts, printed a Latin grammar of Donatus Eliya (a few leaves it has reached our days and are preserved in the National library in Paris), several papal indulgences, and finally, two of the Bible.

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