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In Europe will significantly increase the number of cars on gas

 В Европе существенно увеличится число автомобилей на газеWith the major players in the gas industry and operators of gas networks Volkswagen intends to increase the number of gas-powered vehicles in Germany to 1 million by 2025-th year.

Through the efforts of Volkswagen in the European roads will have more cars running on gas. At least in Germany. The German automaker has supported the plan for a 10-fold increase in the number of such cars in Germany by the middle of next 10 years. That is up to 1 million cars by 2025.

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In addition, the plan assumes a significant increase in the number of filling stations in Germany. At the same time, it is expected to grow from 900 to 2000.

Not only the Volkswagen group will implement this plan. This will also make the hand of the major oil and gas companies and operators of gas networks. The parties have already signed a Declaration of intent. In addition to Volkswagen was signed by companies such as Total and Gazprom. Despite the fact that their plan currently only applies to Germany, their ideas they promote in other countries of Europe.

The rate of gas – one of the steps of the Volkswagen to overcome the consequences of the “diselect”. In addition, the German car maker intends to focus on electric vehicles. To raise funds for the implementation of new plans, he can sell one of the brands included in the group.

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