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In China archaeologists have discovered a mysterious tomb

В Китае археологи обнаружили таинственную гробницуFound a grave with a doll looms.

During a reconnaissance prior to construction of the subway in Chengdu (Sichuan province) archaeologists have discovered an ancient tomb with the remains of a woman who was surrounded by models of looms and dolls “worked” for them.

The tomb was modest, approximately 7 x 2.5 x 3 m. it rested a woman named van Dyne, the researchers found age — about 50 years. Her tomb was guarded by a jade seal, and above the tomb was a small niche lined with wooden models of weaving machine dimensions 85 x 26 x 50 cm, for which “worked” doll-weavers, each with a height of about 25 cm.

Printing at the entrance of the tomb was broken: once all the valuables from the tomb carried the robbers.

The woman’s body was left intact, and 15 wooden painted dolls. For them, a glimpse of four women, masters and nine assistants. Each figure was carved the name of the real masters.

“We are confident that these models are from Chengdu are the earliest examples of weaving machines” — says the study’s author Zhao Feng from the China national silk Museum in Hangzhou.

It is believed that the earliest weaving machines belong to the Neolithic period in China — one of them, found in the Eastern province of Zhejiang, approximately 8,000 years. For comparison, the most ancient Greek instrument weaving 2,400 years. Having studied the decoration of the tombs, researchers have dated the burial of the times of the reign of the emperors, Cindy (157-141 BC) and UDI (141-88 BC).

Wood products, buried in the woman’s grave, are the miniature versions of these machines that were used to handle “extreme textiles”. With the help of these machines on fabric, created patterns and designs.

These models are “the technological missing link” in the history of the famous silk Sinitsina in the Han dynasty, traces of which are often found during archaeological excavations on the territory of the Great silk road.

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