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In China again cloned Nokia 3310

On the days all over the world and in Russia started selling the new Nokia cell phone 3310. In civilized countries he asked for 50 euros and in Russia its price is exactly 4000 rubles, and it’s pretty obvious that it is overpriced by at least a third. Moneymove Chinese manufacturers know this too, and today they presented the phone Darago 3310 with a much more acceptable price.

Darago 3310 is very similar to the Nokia 3310 2017, but not trying to go through the once famous logo on the case and costs only $ 12 or 700 rubles at the current rate. Of course, the characteristics Darago 3310 real 3310 is inferior, but the difference in price by almost 6 times, plus, few people care about the resolution of the camera in the normal dialer. Darago 3310 contains two SIM-slot, microSD slot, GSM module, FM tuner, camera 0.3 megapixels, the battery capacity 1050 mAh battery and a microUSB port for its charging.

The phone screen keeps a resolution of 320×240 pixels at a diagonal of 1.77 inches, and the device is sold in the same colors as the original candy bar — blue, grey, red and yellow. Recall that a real Nokia 3310 now also going to China. So does it make sense to pay more if the difference between the devices is not as obvious as it could be?

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