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Insinkerator ISE E75 – quiet and compact food waste disposer

Few people like to take out the trash, especially when it has to come down from the 20th floor and walks to the other side of the housing cooperative. As a result, food waste in our homes is delayed much longer than it should, releasing unpleasant odors and creating conditions for development of insects and microorganisms. To help solve the problem of the new American household disposer from market leader Insinkerator ISE E75, characterized by compactness and quiet operation.

Using a special Quick fastening Lock, disposer is mounted to the drain hole of the sink (metal or stone) without additional tools. Thanks to its compact dimensions (diameter 20 mm less than that of similar solutions), under the sink will still have a lot of space. All working elements are made of stainless steel and outer shell is made of durable plastic. The quality of workmanship speaks volumes to the unprecedented 6-year manufacturer’s warranty. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Design contains no sharp blades, so Insinkerator ISE E75 is completely safe. Food waste is through removable mounting cuff, combined with bridgeserver, fall inside the working chamber with a volume of 980 ml. Inside with a speed of 1425 rpm of a rotating disk with metal hammers, which rastaplivat products. Under the action of centrifugal force, the crushed waste is discarded on the perforated walls of the chamber and passing through the holes, turn into a fine slurry, which is then carried away via proprietary drain system Includes Quiet Collar flowing water in the sewer. With this approach, pipes are not only clogged, but semiprecious solid fractions.

The disk is driven in rotation 380-watt induction motor Dura-Drive, which provides enough to grind the bones of torque and quiet operation due to the absence of moving parts. And thanks to the updated noise insulation Quiet PLUS achieved virtually silent operation of the device (for 20% quieter counterparts). To prevent sticking is provided an automatic reverse function, and if disposer fall, for example, a metal spoon, then activate the overload protection. Control is through a single pneumatic button, which is much safer than the electrical circuit. Complete with air switch is a special trim of chrome, steel or black plastic.

InSinkErator ISE E75 is capable to grind almost any food waste or products, including: a variety of vegetables and fruits, including those with large seeds, nuts, watermelon rinds, bread, eggshells, meat, fish and seafood, including shrimp, pasta and various cereals, fish, chicken, pork and beef bones of small dimensions. But the inorganic waste (plastic, metal, polyethylene, glass and so on), as well as selenoprecise materials, such as corn, are better left to the trash. The device requires no maintenance – just throw your products in it, and he himself is purified.

InSinkErator ISE E75 provides an easy method of removing food waste, which saves time, energy and trash bags. The apartment will no longer walk the odors of fish or of decay, will reduce the risk of harmful insects, and nature will be able to “breathe” a little freer. Though compact, the device provides a higher processing volume at low noise level, and his price was quite affordable. To learn more and to buy a InSinkErator ISE E75 on

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