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In Belarus decided, where are the main information threat

В Беларуси определилась, откуда исходят главные информационные угрозы

Belarus should defend its own national interests in the information sphere “with the use of all available forces and means.” This is stated in the approved on 12 March President of the information security concept of Belarus. A copy of the document is distributed in the telegram channels. One of the sources TUT.BY confirmed that it was part of the original document, the second called it “very similar”.

According to the concept, infobezopasnost Belarus is based on the principles of information sovereigntyand information neutrality.

The first means that the state itself defines the rules of possession, use and disposition of national inforesource, conducts independent external and internal information policy and forms the national information infrastructure.

Neutrality, in concept understood as the peaceful foreign information policy, respect the rights of other States in this area, non-interference in the information sphere of other countries, the non-harmful information infrastructure of other countries and the associated with their conflicts.

— The Republic of Belarus defends its own national interests in the information sphere, using all available forces and means.

The fundamental national interest of Belarus from a humanitarian point of view — the ability of citizens to exercise their rights to acquire, store and disseminate complete, reliable and timely information, freedom of opinion and privacy, the document says.

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The concept notes that Belarus is developing informational interaction of citizens.

— Created community network for communication, exchange of information, experience and knowledge, public discussion of projects of normative legal acts, widely applied practice of crowdfunding (obviously, I mean crowdfunding is a collective fundraising in the Internet to solve some problem. — Approx. TUT.BY), the role of public councils and independent experts in decision making by state bodies, formed the institutions of social self-control in order to preserve the historic, cultural heritage and reinforce.

The authors of the document note that due to the constant emergence of new sources of information reduced the share of domestic content in the information space.

— It is therefore necessary at the state level to take measures to increase the volume, diversity and quality of national content and speed of its provision, public confidence in official information and the public media, the adaptation of the forms of distribution of information to the priority information needs of citizens, and achievement of balance of interests of personality, society and state.

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The main source of threats for Belarus in the field of information concept he calls “information confrontation among the major world centers of power, targeted development inside and outside the country news events to discredit the state’s foreign and domestic policies”.

— There is growing concern over the active spread in the information space is falsified, untrue and prohibited information. The reduction of a critical attitude of consumers to the “fake” reports news resources, social networks and other online platforms creates preconditions for the deliberate use of disinformation to destabilize the public consciousness in the political, social and other similar purposes.

The state aims to generate sustained immunity “against the destructive information and psychological influence on mass public consciousness”, and in necessary cases, to oppose them.

We will remind, on March 12 the President of Belarus held a meeting with the Security Council. The meeting discussed a new Concept of information security. According to the Secretary of security Council Stanislav Zasya, next week the Concept of information security be formally approved and published.

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