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In Africa, we found a new species of deadly snakes

В Африке нашли новый вид смертоносных змейIn early March of this year, researchers from Africa were a new form of snakes. Currently found only three representatives of this species.

Deadly snake stud can pump the venom into the victim, even with a closed mouth. This is due to the unusual structure of the skull and the location of the canine teeth square to the jaws. The attack occurs on the side to increase attack speed.

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Most of this family are snake venom does not have such a strong impact to kill people. However, he is so strong to provoke neurosis tissues.

Moreover, it is not necessary to hold them with your fingers behind your head, as do other snakes.

As noted by scholars, the bite of snakes-hairpin leads to a rapid tissue necrosis in a large radius. This species of reptiles can also jump on the victim from a distance of 30 cm.

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The habitat of these reptiles is in the rainforest. This conclusion researchers made based on the fact that the first sample of flake was found on the steep Bank of a small rocky stream in evergreen forest of Liberia.

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