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Hurricane “Maria” destroyed radio telescope, “Arecibo”

Ураган "Мария" разрушил радиотелескоп "Аресибо"Now watching TV and listening to radio will be difficult.

Hurricane “Maria” had destroyed the famous radio telescope, “Arecibo”, Puerto Rico. The element broke in half, the 29-metre-long radar antenna of the radio telescope, but its debris struck the primary mirror of the telescope and damaged auxiliary.

The telescope was disabled due to the approach of a hurricane on September 19, the monitoring would be suspended until September 21, and September 27 to close the visitor center. However, the hurricane made adjustments to these plans, conferring on them a fat cross.

To resume the operation of the telescope in the absence of significant damages was scheduled for 29 September, the resumption of studies information yet.

300-meter radio telescope was the largest in the world until the construction in China of a giant antenna FAST. “Arecibo” is the observation of distant astrophysical objects and near-earth potentially hazardous asteroids.

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