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NASA showed a powerful and beautiful hurricane on Jupiter

Automatic interplanetary station “Juno” made the massive hurricane on Jupiter.The image was made on 24 October 2017 at 10:32 am. As noted, a hurricane rotates counterclockwise. More dark clouds are believed to be located much lower in the atmosphere than a brighter. During a storm on the planet of clouds …

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A hurricane in Odessa: the trees are falling on cars

A powerful wind knocks the trees on the roadway. On Monday morning, October 30, in Odessa on the street Zhukovsky huge tree fell right in the stream of moving cars. As a result of the incident the traffic was completely blocked. Reportedly, over the past two days, seriously damaged at …

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Storm warning: in Kiev a hurricane with snow

31 October in the Ukrainian capital is expected a strong wind with sleet. In Kiev 31 October, are expected wind gusts of up to 20 m/S. this reports the press service of Kyiv city state administration with reference to the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center. In addition, forecasters also promise wind and …

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In the USA there is a hurricane “Philip”

To Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas is approaching tropical storm “Philippe”. The national centre for monitoring hurricanes, the US has issued an official warning about the approach of tropical storm “Philippe”, which was formed in the Caribbean sea, and this Saturday can come down to Cuba and the Bahamas. Sunday …

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Thriller “the Passenger” got a new HURRICANE trailer!

Don’t know if you paid attention to this movie after the first trailer (or after the release of the Russian version), but is willing to put a couple of hundred to that if you are interested in seriously. New trailer for Thriller “the Passenger” (The Commuter) keeps in suspense, intriguing, …

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New hurricane II trailer Wolfenstein: The New Colossus!

From the expected continuation of a long-lived game series “Wolfenstein” appeared “starter” trailer. About this game we have heard before, and quite a lot – looked “propaganda” commercials, valued at more than hour-long recording of gameplay and met a superhero License. New trailer not so much go into details of …

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