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Humanity was under threat from chemical weapons of the Third Reich

Weapons could trigger a “whirlwind of death”

Experts investigate mysterious phenomena in the Baltic sea, which can occur because of chemical weapons, made the Third Reich. Biologists warn that the invention Nazi era Germany might provoke a “vortex of death”.

It is noted that during the Second world war scientists of the Third Reich was preparing to use against the red Army a huge number of toxic substances, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The allies and the Soviet Union seized from the Nazis 65 tons of mustard gas and buried in the seabed. Now, according to scientists, the shelf life of the containers has expired, and their integrity is disrupted, resulting toxins can seep out.

The first victims of the toxic weapons were fishermen back in the ‘ 50s. the Containers came aboard with the fish, which they received severe burns. It is noted that at the bottom of the Baltic sea lies so many toxic substances that it is capable of six times to completely destroy all life in the region. First, die representatives of marine flora and fauna, and then the poison will seep to the land. At stake is Europe and Russia to the Ural mountains.

Harbingers of threats have become a mysterious green vortex. Not all experts, however, believe their toxins. Some experts believe that it is the green bacteria, but they still pose a danger to humans.

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