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Huge spider in Australia tried to seize the house

Огромный паук в Австралии попытался захватить домThe creature wanted to convey to people, who actually is a true master in nature.

Huge spider-hunter size dinner plate incredibly frightened a few in the Australian Queensland, suddenly appearing on the glass door of the house.

Lauren Ansell posted a picture of a scary spider-hunter on his page in Facebook. Her friends couldn’t believe that it’s not photoshopped.

Mrs. Ansell said that spider appeared out the window, when her partner was trying to cook dinner. She said that the spider was harmless, but he didn’t like when the pair tried to banish it from the glass.

“We didn’t want to kill him, but he didn’t like, tried to move it. He’s still alive and happy. I called him Aragog,” said Lauren.

After this incident, the couple never saw the spider.

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