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How to remove system apps Android

Как удалить системные приложения Android

It became known as remove “neudalimye” app on Android.

Android is full of not only various functions, but also system apps that cannot be uninstalled by regular means. This is how Google helps protect users from accidentally deleting important operating system components that have a direct influence on her work. Unfortunately, it is not always true, and many of Needleman applications only in vain consume precious memory of our smartphones, and even an eyesore with their presence on the desktop.

To remove a system app, you’ll need the app CCleaner. Unfortunately, it is not able to remove it entirely, so part of the procedure, you will have to be done manually.

How to remove system apps Android

  • Run on the smartphone app CCleaner;
  • Open the shortcut menu swipe from the left edge and go to the tab “application Management”;
  • Go to “System” and select the application you want to delete;
  • Click on the floating blue ball of call to action menu and select “Uninstall updates”. This action will restore the original version of the app, freeing up a few hundred megabytes of free space;
  • Now go to “Settings” — “Applications” and locate the application you want to remove;
  • Select them one by one and in the opening window choose the action “Force-stop” and “Disable”.

Be sure to stop and disable the application because the first action prevents its continued operation, including to communicate with the server and to request updates and the second to hide its icon.

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Thus it is possible to release not only the memory but also clean the desktop from unnecessary garbage. Just remember that some apps like Google Play it is better not to remove. Otherwise the risk to break Android and losing access to important functions of the operating system.

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