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Belgrade calls on Kosovo Serbs to remove barricades

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with representatives of the Kosovo Serbs on Wednesday and asked them to dismantle roadblocks they had erected, Belgrade’s commissioner for Kosovo, Petar Petkovic, has told a press conference. Ethnic Serbs in the north of the breakaway province had put up roadblocks three weeks ago, in …

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Bill to remove EU laws divides Britain

Marking the two-year anniversary of Brexit, the UK government has announced new legislation to address what politicians see as unnecessary “red tape” that was copied over when Britain departed from the European Union. The plan, dubbed the ‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’, is designed to allow the UK to “unleash the benefits” …

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Still ‘no reason’ to remove US from Russia’s list of ‘unfriendly countries’, despite cordial Putin-Biden summit, says Kremlin

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden met at Villa La Grange, a historic 18th-century villa, near Lake Geneva. Both leaders were positive about the summit in the following press conferences, noting that the discussions had been cordial. However, Putin’s spokesman doesn’t believe Moscow should …

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AMC, other movie theater chains REMOVE mask mandates for vaccinated as critics melt down over ‘liars’ who could break honor system

“Fully vaccinated people, and also liars, can now go mask-free at theaters,” a headline for the AV Club read.  The much-maligned article targeted people who could potentially lie about their vaccination status and go mask-free in theaters now and “endangering the people around them.” “If you don’t feel safe, watch …

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