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Hotel owners in occupied Crimea massively sell the business

Владельцы отелей в оккупированном Крыму массово продают бизнесThe tourist business on the annexed Peninsula is declining.

Experts said that in the Crimea, owners of hotels, resorts and tourist complexes massively sell their business. All because he was here a disadvantage.

Probably, all the inhabitants of the Crimea this summer once again felt the unpopularity of the local resorts among tourists. But even amid falling tourist flow, some businesses refuse to lower prices. They are convinced that those who has come to rest in the Crimea, will still pay any price.

However, apparently, many of the local entrepreneurs have already realized that the “nothing to catch” and began to sell its travel business. Since the former popularity of Crimean resorts may not come back.

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Take, for example, the resort village of Maly Mayak near Alushta. This is a place that was always full of tourists, after the annexation of Crimea by Russia is just empty. Earlier on the beaches of the Small Beacon to Apple not where was to fall, and now beaches, and restaurants and hotels are empty.

A few years ago to buy land in this town was almost impossible. For a one hundred square back in 2013 asked 5 thousand dollars. And the competition in General was incredible, after all, have a tourist business in a Small Lighthouse was very profitable at that time.

Real estate experts said that local residents began to massively sell the house and business in Malyy Mayak. Only one site has over three dozen offers. It is worth noting that overall demand is not very big, but most potential buyers are interested in inexpensive land from the sea.

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And little demand experts explain the risks. After all, the new full owner of the hotel could be sure that after some time will come the Russian authorities do not equilibrate his possessions to the ground. And it’s not in a figurative sense. As you know the head of the annexed Peninsula Sergey Aksenov mentioned the intention of the Russian authorities to demolish coastal hotels and tourist complexes.

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