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Gordon predicted Ukraine “a big shock”

Гордон предрек Украине «большие потрясения»

The global crisis caused by a coronavirus and spikes in oil prices could change the political map of the world and lead to the destruction of the Ukrainian state. About it on air of TV channel “OUR”, said Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon.

According to him, the process of destruction of state institutions in Ukraine began long ago and continues still. Ukraine has still not established itself as a state, and there are great upheavals that will bring a world crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus.

“In recent time, Ukraine is doing everything in order not to be held as a state. Destroyed state institutions. It began not today, and it’s not stopping. We can expect great turmoil until the collapse of the country. 29 years old country killed. Kill man’s faith in the state, killing hope,” — predicts expert.

Then Dmitri Gordon added that the situation with coronavirus, the panic around him, jumps in oil prices – all these can change the global state of the landscape be new States and the old country will cease existence. According to the journalist, will stand by those countries that, like China and the US, put tremendous effort and money in protecting their citizens. In addition, a more powerful country than Ukraine, can not cope with the pandemic.


“I recently had lunch with the mayor of one of the largest cities of Ukraine. So, I asked him a question: what will you do if tomorrow in Ukraine will be limited to Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Poltava, Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia region. He replied: this all goes,” said Gordon.

In turn, the political scientist Ruslan Bizyaev in an interview with the online edition of “” reported that the economies of many countries, including Ukraine, is expected to decline, and none of the experts can not predict how long it will last. According to the analyst, Ukraine’s economy is most vulnerable to a major crisis.

Гордон предрек Украине «большие потрясения»

“First, will worsen the export. Second, begin to shrink supply chain because of the quarantine. Third, migrant laborers: the European Union officially put the liberalization of the visa regime to “stop” before the end of the pandemic,” explains the expert.

He stressed that nobody now can say how long the crisis will last. The analyst recalled that Ukraine needs to pay external debts, in addition, already in may, Ukraine will have to pay five billion dollars. In addition, some companies have already stopped work because of the coronavirus, and it will result in very negative consequences and will hit the most vulnerable population of Ukraine.

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