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First aid for anaphylactic shock before the ambulance

The doctors explained that can save the life of the man who has anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock (AFS) is an acute reaction of the body to penetrating any of the allergen. Among the substances that can cause a similar reaction, there are poisons, food, pharmaceuticals, and plants, including medicinal herbs. …

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Crimeans in shock from Russian products in stores

The inhabitants of the Peninsula are outraged by the tainted products. In the annexed Crimea the Russian sell spoiled products. He writes about this in Twitter RoksolanaToday&Crimea, by publishing the packaging of cheese product, which is covered with mold. “Bought in Simferopol, made in Russia, the timing is normal. And …

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Video talks about the updates a reboot of System Shock

As we have long known that Nightdive Studios, collecting more than a million dollars on the Kickstarter platform, with might and main prepares the release of the remake of the cult game “System Shock”. Recent interesting material from the developers was atmospheric pre-alpha trailer, which we estimated in March. Now …

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