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Google has accused Uber of stealing technology

Google обвинил Uber в воровстве технологииThe owners of Google have accused Uber stealing the design of an unmanned vehicle.

The Company Google Inc., who is the owner of Google, accusing Uber of stealing technology lidar (laser radar), which is used in unmanned vehicles and sued.

It is noted that Google Inc. created the company Waymo specializing in the development of technologies for unmanned vehicles. She has accused Uber and ex-Google engineers in the theft of the lidar system.

“We believe that these actions were a specific plan to acquire the trade secrets and intellectual property Waymo,” said the owners of Google.

It is assumed that the ex-Google employee Anthony Lewandowski before you leave the company, stole more than 14 thousand confidential files with the signature schemes of various hardware systems Waymo, including a map of the lidar, and then began to use materials in their own start-up with Uber.

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