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Game Half-Life 2 changed

Игру Half-Life 2 кардинально изменили Craftsman changed the Half-Life 2 out of all recognition

The cult Half-Life 2 will be another “self-made” remaster. Apparently, fans can’t leave the game alone and are trying to modernize (or “downgrade”). Recently it became known that a group of enthusiasts decided to make their own version of the unreleased third episode on Unreal Engine 4, using as a base the script by Mark Laidlaw. However, skillful moddel under the name Gunship_Mark_II went the other way and decided to rebuild HL2 from scratch.

Instead of adding new content, which would meet all the requirements 2017, Gunship_Mark_II began a complete overhaul of the basic Half-Life 2. And half measures, like improved textures, the Modder is not limited to: in the third version of the global modification MMod enthusiast added the updated particle system, dynamic lighting (in which the shadows react as well) and improved special effects. In addition, the craftsman completely redid the animation.

It is important to note that changes have concerned not only the visual component of the legendary shooter. Strong Gunship_Mark_II introduced a number of new mechanic, thoroughly reworked artificial intelligence and enriched the local Armory. To top it off Modder “screwed” in the settings menu select the “behavior” of flying bullets (“hitscan” or “ballistics”), has implemented the optional recovery system and even added in Half-Life 2 harsh “dismemberment”.

According to preliminary data, full version updated Half-Life 2 will be released in 2018. More exact date was not reported.

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